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Thanks to a fund made by a group of dedicated EFF supporters, now through December 5th every online donation gets an instant match up to $304,200! This means every dollar you give becomes two dollars toward fighting surveillance, defending encryption, promoting open access to information, and much more. EFF makes every cent count. 

Free the Web!

Where else can you get health information, talk about your favorite anime, tell a friend you miss them, and learn how to fix that weird issue on your phone all at once? It’s hard to imagine a place where you can be as creative and connected as you are on the internet.

But these gifts also mean that corporations and governments fight hard to control what technology users say and do on the web. Together, we're defending civil liberties and human rights online. Thank you for helping EFF attorneys, activists, policy analysts, and technologists free the web for everyone. And even if you're not able to donate today, consider helping us spread the word to others. Here’s some sample language that you can share:

Donate to EFF this week and you’ll instantly double your impact on digital privacy, security, and free speech rights for everyone. https://eff.org/power-up

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Thank you for allowing EFF to stand by you and your rights as technology touches evermore aspects of the world. It's a tough place to navigate and we're proud to give our all for your digital freedom. I hope you'll consider making a year-end contribution to help us make the future a little brighter.