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Court Rules DirecTV Must Prove More than Possession

June 15, 2004

Court Rules DirecTV Must Prove More than Possession

Based on arguments made by civil liberties group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and attorney Albert Zakarian for defendant Mike Treworgy, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled that DirecTV cannot sue individuals for "mere possession" of technology that is capable of intercepting DirecTV's satellite signal. "We're glad to see the court apply common sense to this issue," said EFF Staff Attorney Jason Schultz. "Merely possessing a device doesn't harm anyone and shouldn't give a company like DirecTV the right to drag you into court without proof that you're actually stealing something from them."

EFF filed an amicus brief in the appeal and maintains further information about the DirecTV legal campaign on the DirecTV Defense website. Defendant Treworgy was represented by Florida attorney Albert Zakarian.

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