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Tools from EFF's Tech Team


Tools from EFF's Tech Team

EFF’s team of technologists and computer scientists engineers solutions to the problems of sneaky tracking, inconsistent encryption, and more. Where users face threats to their privacy and security online, EFF’s technology tools are there to defend them.

For those with design, programming, and/or security skills, volunteering to dig into the code is an even more direct way to contribute to these projects.


Even with invaluable volunteer help, keeping EFF’s tech projects running smoothly for the millions of users who rely on them requires serious development and maintenance.  Please consider making a donation to support our technology projects work:

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HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere est le produit d'une collaboration entre le projet Tor et l'Electronic Frontier Foundation. Beaucoup de sites Web offrent un support limité pour le chiffrement via HTTPS, mais le rendent difficile d’utilisation. Par exemple, ils offrent par défaut une connexion HTTP non chiffrée, ou remplissent les pages chiffrées de liens qui remontent vers le site non chiffré.

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