January 15, 2021 - 9:00am PST
YouTube - Live

EFF's Cindy Cohn and Cory Doctorow are part of a star-studded panel of guest judges for the Worst in Show Awards.
iFixit along with USPIRG and Repair.Org are joining together for the first annual event.
#CES2021 is off and running, and so are the claims of life-changing technology. But are all these products changing our lives for the better? We think not, which is why we're recognizing the least secure, safe, repairable, and eco-friendly gadgets with the #WorstInShow2021 awards. Cindy and Cory will be joined by additional guest judges: Nathan Proctor (USPIRG), Paul Roberts (securepairs) and Kyle Wiens (iFixit) -- to discuss their selections.

Tune in for the big reveal of the overall Worst in Show Winner