January 26, 2019 - 10:30am PST
Tech Intersections, Mills College, Oakland, CA

EFF Staff Technologist Alexis Hancock will be speaking at Tech Intersections 2019: Womxn of Color in Computing.

The Distributed Web
Distributed technology is something that has often came up as a solution for sharing among peers and creating tech ecosystems that are managed by the users rather than managed by a single entity. Famous examples include Napster, BitTorrent and Bitcoin. We have heard technologies such as Blockchain make it’s rounds but there are so many other emerging distributed tools to help create a more balanced and accessible web for various types of content.

My talk will include going over new alternatives to the protocol HTTP, secure alternative social feeds, tools like the Beaker browser, and and the goals & philosophy of the distributed web.

Tech Intersections 2019
Mills College