June 7, 2021 - 9:00am to 10:00am PDT

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Panel Description:

The EU copyright directive risks making upload filters mandatory for large and small platforms to prevent copyright infringements by their users. Its adoption has led to large street protests over the risk that legal expression will be curtailed in the process. Although the new EU rules will only be applied from the summer, similar proposals have already emerged in the US and Latin America, citing the EU copyright directive as a role model. In this panel, civil society and academics from the EU, the US and Colombia will exchange strategies for launching a protest movement against mandatory upload filters in different regional contexts and discuss the ongoing court case against the EU copyright directive before the European Court of Justice, which is based on the violation of the fundamental right to freedom of expression and information.

Julia Reda (GFF, Germany), former Member of the European Parliament, will share lessons learned from the European campaign against upload filters. Katharine Trendacosta (EFF, USA) will discuss the draft Digital Copyright Bill, proposed by US Senator Thom Tillis, Ranking Member of the Senate Sub-Committee on Intellectual Property, which would require platforms to prevent the re-upload of copyrighted works. Carolina Botero (Karisma, Colombia) will give an overview over efforts to bring the EU copyright reform to Latin America. Martin Husovec (London School of Economics) will discuss the impact of the EU copyright directive on fundamental rights, and the prospects of a successful legal challenge against mandatory upload filters.