February 9, 2021 - 5:00pm PST

EFF Austin, a local organization in the Electronic Frontier Alliance, (not EFF) will host this event:

Reforming The Technology Of Public Safety

From The Organizers:

Our speaker this month is Kathy Mitchell. Kathy is an organizer, a writer and a grassroots lobbyist with more than 25 years experience promoting criminal justice reform at the Texas Legislature, currently working with Just Liberty. Just Liberty is a bipartisan 501c4 nonprofit organization dedicated to criminal justice reform. Mitchell conducts regular trainings for other grassroots lobbyists before each legislative session, and assisted the Austin Justice Coalition’s legislative team in the 85th and 86th sessions.

Kathy is on the Board of MEASURE, a group dedicated to data-driven improvements to policing at the local level. She spent a decade as the Policy Vice President of the ACLU of Texas, and the Chair of the Board of the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition. She helped launch the Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition and has advocated for warrants for cell phone location data in each of the past three legislative sessions.

As a member of Austin's Reimagine Public Safety Task Force, Kathy will present an overview of Austin's public safety reforms as well as a look at what's happening at the legislature, with special emphasis on issues of importance to EFF (facial recognition, cell phone location data privacy, gang database reform, police militarization.)


Tuesday, February 9
5:00pm - 7:00pm (PT)
To attend please RSVP for the zoom link.

This event is organized not by EFF, but by the EFF Austin, a grassroots group participating in the Electronic Frontier Alliance. The EFA is a network of grassroots organizations across the country committed to promoting digital rights. Together, we're building a movement to promote freedom of expression, privacy, security, creativity, and access to knowledge.