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May 18: Rally for Net Neutrality


May 18: Rally for Net Neutrality

May 18, 2017 - 10:00am
Washington, D.C.

The Federal Communication Commission will be voting on whether to move forward with new rules that undermine the net neutrality protections the digital rights community fought for and won in 2015. We're sending a message to the FCC: this is our Internet and we'll fight to protect it. We won't let government-backed monopoly telecom companies like AT&T and Comcast create fast and slow lanes for the websites we visit and the online services we use.

As the FCC meets this Thursday, we'll be there. We're asking friends of EFF to gather at a rally in front of the agency’s headquarters to show the FCC that we are watching them.

There will be a range of speakers at the event, including EFF's Legislative Counsel Ernesto Falcon. Ernesto has been at the forefront of the net neutrality fight, advocating for the interests of technology users in Congress and in the FCC. He'll be there to unpack the issues surrounding the FCC's proposal and the ramifications for innovation and speech online. You won't want to miss it.

May 18: A Rally to Save Net Neutrality
Hosted by Free Press, EFF, and CREDO Mobile
Location: Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th St SW, Washington, District of Columbia 20554
Time: 10 AM-12PM 

Please attend the rally to show your support for net neutrality. If you have an EFF t-shirt, hat, or hoodie, this is a great time to wear it. We encourage you to bring a sign and a few friends.

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