May 10, 2022 - 10:00am PDT

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives the state’s residents important rights regarding the personal information that businesses collect about them—information that can be used to determine what offers they receive and the prices or rates they pay, not only for products and services, but for employment, credit, housing and other economic opportunities.

A recent survey by Consumer Action and Consumer Federation of America (CFA) found that many consumers have not exercised their rights under the CCPA to see and delete the personal information collected about them and to request that their information not be sold. The top reason given for not exercising these rights was not knowing about them.

Webinar participants will learn about who and what is covered by the CCPA, key rights it provides to Californians and how they can exercise their rights, what the main changes will be under the CPRA, and resources and tips for helping consumers keep personal data under wraps.

Webinar speakers will include:

  • Hayley Tsukayama, senior legislative activist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Stacey Schesser, supervising deputy attorney general for the privacy unit in the California Attorney General’s consumer protection office
  • Girard Kelly, senior counsel and director for the privacy program for Common Sense Media

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