August 13, 2016 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm PDT
Dolores Park, San Francisco

Bassel Khartabil is a technologist and free culture advocate who has been unjustly detained by the Syrian authorities since the beginning of the civil war. His many friends, colleagues and connected organizations, including EFF, have been calling for information on his whereabouts and his release.

Friends and supporters of Bassel are invited to get together and have picnics in their cities in Bassel's honor on the first ever Bassel Picnic Day on Saturday August 13th.

"Bassel Picnic Day is a day to share food, drink, and conversation with people who care about Bassel, on blankets in the grass, in the sun. Let’s strengthen the ties of our community by coming together for a global picnic, and talk about who Bassel is, who we are, and why we need Bassel free."

There are currently picnics planned in San Francisco's Dolores Park, and the Champs de Mars in Paris. Come along, and spread the word!