October 12, 2017 - 7:00pm PDT
Atlanta, GA

We all rely on online communities to work, socialize, and learn. From the largest social media site to the smallest community message board, online platforms are central to our right to assemble and speak out. But there's a new proposal in Congress that would put those communities in danger. Come join Electronic Frontiers Georgia and the Electronic Frontier Foundation for a discussion about the latest threat to online community and how you can get involved.

The authors of SESTA say it’s designed to fight sex trafficking, but the bill wouldn’t punish traffickers. Instead, it would threaten legitimate online speech. In particular, it would put marginalized voices at risk of being pushed off the Internet--including trafficking victims themselves.

Learn about Section 230, the law that makes modern online community possible. Learn why Section 230 is so important to online speech, and learn about this latest threat to it. EFF Activist Elliot Harmon will present remotely.

Tech Square Labs
859 Spring St NW
Atlanta, GA

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