November 10, 2020 - 5:00pm PST

EFF Austin, a local organization in the Electronic Frontier Alliance, (not EFF) will host this event:

The End Of Reality - Truth In The Time Of Internet

From The Organizers:

Our speaker this month is Jon Lebkowsky. Jon is currently co-founder and co-host at the Plutopia News Network. He is well known as an activist and writer/blogger focused on strategic foresight, Internet evolution, digital culture, cyber liberties, media, and society. In addition to this, he managed technology projects and companies for over 25 years, and was formerly President of EFF-Austin.

Jon Lebkowsky considers the 1960s phrase "question authority" in light of the 21st century evolution of the Internet as a platform for all media. Are we still questioning authority, or have we lost all sense of an authority for truth? What's been the impact of blogging and disruptive social media on our perception of the world? How do we find consensus about what's real? And why would that be important?

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Tuesday, November 10
7:00pm - 9:00pm (CDT)