June 29, 2022 - 12:00pm PDT

This event is now over, but you can rewatch it here.

Join us for a discussion with LGBTQ+ activists, writers, artists, and tech experts to talk about the role of optimism in trying times and how to bridge the divide between online and offline activism. With special guests:

  • Kochina Rude, Bay Area drag performer and harm redux advocate
  • Chelsea Manning, network security expert, advocate for freedom of information, and online streamer
  • Tracee McDaniel, founder and director of Transformation Inc, activist fighting for the rights of unhoused people, HIV positive communities, trans people, and more
  • Charlie Jane Anders, renowned author of All the Birds in the Sky, Victories Greater Than Death. and more
  • Mistress Blunt, founder of Hacking//Hustling, sex worker rights activist and public health researcher
  • Daly Barnett (Moderator), EFF staff technologist

We'll be streaming at eff.org/livestream

You can also join us on:
Facebook: facebook.com/eff
Twitter: Twitter.com/EFF
Twitch: twitch.tv/efflive
YouTube: Youtube.com/EFForg