May 30, 2015 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm PDT
San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco Arts Festival 2015 is proud to present The Edward Snowden Revelations and the Public Right to Know, a public program in conjunction with the exhibition Bearing Witness: Surveillance in the Drone Age. The Snowden revelations have sparked a global conversation about citizens' rights to privacy on the Internet that is still raging. The panel is committed to keep the conversation going.

EFF Civil Liberties Director David Greene, Activist Nadia Kayyali, and Senior Designer Hugh D'Andrade will examine and discuss the criminal complaint against Edward Snowden, as well as the implications of the information revealed by the leaks.

Six artists, all members of the 1030 Art Group, intrigued by Edward Snowden’s revelations will reference their individual investigations into matters of privacy, personal/public boundaries, and the government’s right, or not, to gather information on its citizens and to what end.

Moderated by Hanna Regev and Matt McKinley, co-curators of Bearing Witness.

Festival Central. Building A
Fort Mason, San Francisco
2 Marina Boulevard
San Franciscoq, CA 94123
United States