This election day, EFF is once again assisting the Election Protection Coalition (EPC) in their nationwide voter-protection efforts. Right now, you can follow their work and keep an eye on election problems across the US live at We've already logged over 1,000 reports today (November 1), and are expecting to see tens of thousands tomorrow on election day.

EPC runs 866-OUR-VOTE — the first place anyone in the US should phone if they have a problem voting. If you attempt to vote but notice a problem with the voting machines, or if you are turned away due to a registration or identification problem, if you're subjected to inappropriate harassment or intimidation — call 866-OUR-VOTE. They'll help you with whatever problem you're having, and they'll use your information to help reduce the likelihood of similar problems recurring in the future. records every call made to the hotline, helps EPC staff to coordinate their legal response work, and provides an anonymized public view of every record. EFF built the first iteration of the system for the 2008 General Election, where it was used in conjunction with helping over 86,000 voters. The system is back for the 2010 general election, better than ever, with significant under-the-hood changes that should help the Election Protection Coalition do a better job of protecting your right to vote.

So stay tuned to OurVoteLive during election day to see what's going on. And don't forget to vote.

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