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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Privacy First and Competition

Monopolists want us to believe that their power over our lives is inevitable and unchangeable, just as the surveillance industry banks on convincing you that the fight for privacy was and always will be a lost cause. But we once had a better internet, and we can get a better...

Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress

EFF is excited to support this year's Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress! This year's event features a full Congress to learn about cybersecurity and risk prevention strategies; an exhibition area to connect with new organizations; and other attractions like the Hacking Village where you'll find EFF handouts, stickers, and more.EFF supporters...

A woman holds an ultrasound with keys

El senador Wyden denuncia a intermediarios que venden datos de localización a grupos antiabortistas que atacan a quienes buscan abortar

En una carta reciente a la FTC y la SEC, el senador Ron Wyden (OR) detalla nueva información sobre el intermediario de datos Near, que vendió los datos de localización de personas que buscaban atención sanitaria reproductiva a grupos antiabortistas. Near permitía a estos grupos enviar anuncios específicos que...


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