EFF’s member base is different from that of any other organization I know. I can’t count how many times someone has seen me in my EFF hoodie and excitedly approached me to show me their membership card. Our members are passionate about protecting civil liberties online, and being EFF members is part of their identity. They’re opinionated, thoughtful, and they understand the deeper moral issues behind today’s technology policy battles.

Does that sound like the kind of community you’d like to help build? Then we have a job that might be perfect for you.

We’re on the hunt for the newest member of EFF’s leadership team: a director for our fundraising team. Please help us get the word out to folks you know who might be a great fit and help us take our fundraising game to the next level.

This is a dream job for the right candidate. You’ll be leading a rock-solid team of 10 fundraising professionals who have already built a community of over 30,000 card-carrying EFF members around the world. 

We’re looking for someone who can blend the art of managing a team with the skill of effective fundraising. The right person is going to be a compelling communicator in writing and in person, able to paint an inspiring vision for EFF’s diverse community of supporters and for EFF’s development team. The majority of our funding comes from ordinary individuals, and we want someone with the social intuition to communicate well with everyone regardless of their backgrounds. 

We also need someone who can understand EFF’s ethical approach to fundraising. We don’t just advocate for user privacy; we also defend it in our day-to-day practices, refusing to engage in the privacy-invasive practices that are all-too-common in the nonprofit community. We hold the security and privacy of our donors (and potential donors) to the highest standards. Our next Development Director is someone excited by that challenge.

The right candidate might not have been a development director in the past. For example, folks who have a lot of experience in management, foundation funding, and major gifts might have come from a background in nonprofit leadership. Maybe you’ve run your own smaller civil liberties nonprofit and are ready to step away from an executive director role, or maybe you have a background in political fundraising. We’re looking for a broad range of work experience, even if you haven’t held the title of “development director” before.

This role will be part of EFF’s senior leadership team, which guides the organization along with other directors. That’s why it’s so vital that we find the right person. We’re asking folks to help us get the word out by sharing this position and encouraging your qualified friends to apply. We know that if our big network of EFF friends and fans activates to spread the word via social media and other methods, this listing is sure to get in front of the right candidate.

We have awesome benefits and an amazing workplace environment, and you can read more about it and apply on the job description.