This week, we launched the Power Up Your Donation campaign. For the next few days, donations to EFF through the campaign will be matched by challenge grants from passionate digital rights advocates. Donate today and double your impact on securing networks and devices, stopping illegal government surveillance, fighting censorship, protecting the freedom to tinker, and more!

Power Up button

When someone participates in a campaign like Power Up Your Donation, they are building on a pillar of EFF's approach to working for a better digital future: the integrity and responsibility of being a member-supported non-profit. We're dedicated to bringing the very best legal, technical, and creative expertise to tackle threats to our essential rights and freedoms. And for years, that expertise has been honed and made exceptional by the passion shared by EFF members. With financial support, moral support, and their very voices, EFF members speak the truth—and sometimes, even just common sense—to the large and powerful institutions looking to shape our future.

In the Power Up Your Donation campaign, we're asking for your help, and our matching fund donors are standing with us to commend those who join EFF at this critical time. Together, we can take this year's momentum and do even more, with a full docket of cases and projects to promote encryption, fight censorship, protect privacy, and end DRM. Join the Power Up Your Donation campaign and double your impact with a one-to-one match!