Meet Barak Weinstein, EFF’s new executive assistant. Barak will be assisting EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn and EFF Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Kurt Opsahl. This is Barak's second tour at EFF—he was EFF's first legal secretary a decade ago, and he's excited to be back with the organization.

Barak spent the last eight years as an audio engineer, most recently for theater and opera in Los Angeles. He's in the unique position of having worked within the music industry—he assisted with the recording of Grammy-nominated songs—and, while at EFF, for causes that opposed its practices.

Before he joined EFF the first time, Barak was with the Mears Law Office in Iowa, where he worked with prisoners on their civil rights claims, including many prisoners in solitary confinement. He recalls one claim by a prisoner sent to solitary for disrespecting "Officer Dante," who, after investigation, turned out to be a guard dog. "The firm fought for the idea that going to prison does not mean losing your due process rights,'' said Barak.

EFF is excited to welcome Barak back to the team!