Ruby developer Rob Manhatton joined us this month as a web developer. Rob will maintain the open-source democracy tools used to effect change on EFF’s issues, and build new Ruby applications to protect privacy and freedom of speech. His favorite part of web development is making use of websockets to keep multiple ends of a system in contact with each other. Rob worked as a staff developer and systems administrator at Excelsior Paint & Design in Minnesota for five years prior to joining EFF. When he wasn’t laboriously augmenting the minimal capabilities of EDP’s 16-bit Windows 95 point-of-sales application to enable database querying and archiving features, he was maintaining information systems and developing web sites. Rob has been working on BTC APIs and will be returning to an abstraction library to help make bitcoin more accessible to web developers and tech-savvy activists in his free time. Rob likes activism, software, coffee shops, electronics, acoustic guitars, and the edge parts of meadows—approximately in that order. We are very excited to welcome Rob to the team.

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