Have you recently received a patent demand letter or been hit by a lawsuit from either “Shipping and Transit, LLC” or “Electronic Communication Technologies, LLC”? Despite their current SEO-unfriendly names that make it difficult to find information, we want you to know that there’s lots of information out there related to these trolls, just under different names. 

It is important that those on the receiving end of these trolls’ patent demands can find the resources they need. To that end, more information useful against both of these trolls can be found by searching for ArrivalStar (instead of “Shipping and Transit, LLC”) or Eclipse IP (instead of “Electronic Communication Technologies LLC”). And even though the names are different, the documents linked below show that for practical purposes the new trolls are closely related to the old trolls.

The connection between ArrivalStar and Shipping and Transit, LLC is not clear. Information about ArrivalStar S.A. and Melvino Technologies, Ltd, respectively (collectively, “ArrivalStar”) is hard to come by. According to a recent ArrivalStar complaint, ArrivalStar S.A. is based in Luxembourg and Melvino in the British Virgin Islands. Other ArrivalStar litigation documents indicate that Peter Sirianni and Martin Kelly Jones were affiliated with ArrivalStar. Mr. Sirianni’s affiliation with ArrivalStar goes back to at least 2012: he signed a court document on behalf of ArrivalStar, indicating he is an officer or agent of ArrivalStar. Jones is a named inventor on ArrivalStar’s patents, and a litigation document indicates he was a witness on behalf of ArrivalStar back in 2008.

A recent district court filing reveals that Shipping and Transit, LLC is now the owner of the patents previously licensed and owned by ArrivalStar. According to a document filed with the Florida Secretary of State, Shipping and Transit LLC’s members are Peter Sirianni and Martin Kelly Jones. Based on these documents, we believe that although there was likely a technical change in “ownership,” the people "authorized to manage" Shipping and Transit, LLC appear to be the same people that were associated with ArrivalStar.

As for Electronic Communication Technologies, LLC, the connection to the well-known troll Eclipse IP is easier. A document filed with the Florida Secretary of State shows that Eclipse IP merely changed their name to Electronic Communication Technologies, LLC.

It’s also worth noting that the ArrivalStar and Eclipse IP share personnel and an address. Documents show that Peter Sirianni is currently affiliated with both Shipping and Transit, LLC and Electronic Communication Technologies LLC. In their state corporate filings, the two companies both list Mr. Sirianni as a member or authorized representative and the companies have the same address in Boynton, Florida as their principal address. The relationship apparently goes back further. A Florida Secretary of State filing shows Peter Sirianni’s affiliation with Eclipse IP goes back to at least to 2010. The filing states that Mr. Sirianni is a manager of Eclipse IP.  In addition, the prosecuting attorney for ArrivalStar’s patents is the attorney-inventor of Eclipse IP’s patents.

We don’t know why ArrivalStar sold its patents to Shipping and Transit, LLC, or why Eclipse IP changed its name to Electronic Communication Technologies LLC. But we do know that it decreases the visibility of the previous entities’ trolling campaigns when people search for information on the Internet using the new generic names. Hopefully this post will help people find the information they need.

Below we’ve included data and links to some important information for both ArrivalStar (Shipping and Transit, LLC) and Eclipse IP (Electronic Communication Technologies LLC). We encourage people to link to this page, increasing the visibility of the links between the former entities (ArrivalStar and Eclipse IP) with the new entities (Shipping and Transit, LLC and Electronic Communication Technologies LLC, respectively). 

ArrivalStar/Shipping and Transit, LLC Information

Known U.S. Patents or Applications: 5,400,020; 5,444,444; 5,623,260; 5,648,770; 5,657,010; 5,668,543; 6,278,936; 6,313,760; 6,317,060; 6,363,254; 6,363,323; 6,411,891; 6,415,207; 6,486,801; 6,492,912; 6,510,383; 6,618,668; 6,683,542; 6,700,507; 6,714,859; 6,741,927; 6,748,318; 6,748,320; 6,763,299; 6,763,300; 6,804,606; 6,859,722; 6,904,359; 6,952,645; 6,975,998; 7,030,781; 7,089,107; 7,191,058; 7,400,970; 60/039,925; 60/115,755; 60/122,482.

Known Foreign Patents and Applications: AT 257265; 
AT 273547;
 AU 2608700;
 AU 3393300; 
AU 3998401; 
AU 6284999;
 AU 6404799; 
AU 6453598; 
AU 7391696;
 BR 0007537;
 BR 0008670; 
BR 9808005;
 CA 2267206;
 CA 2283239;
 CA 2360288; CA 2363556;
 CA 2521206;
 CA 2528647;
 CN 1345413;
 DE 60104824; DE 69631255; EP 0929885; 
EP 0966720;
 EP 1261902; 
EP 1264296; MXPA01008914; WO 9814926; WO 0019171; WO 0019170.

Known litigation in the United States filed by ArrivalStar or Shipping and Transit, LLC (login required).

EFF articles and resources related to ArrivalStar/Shipping and Transit, LLC:

Documentation of change of ownership of patents from ArrivalStar to Shipping and Transit, LLC.

Link to ArrivalStar, now Shipping and Transit, LLC, information at Trolling Effects. 

Eclipse IP/Electronic Communication Technologies LLC Information

Known U.S. Patents or Applications: 7,119,716; 7,064,681; 7,319,414; 7,479,899; 7,113,110; 7,482,952; 7,561,069; 7,479,900; 7,876,239; 7,479,901; 7,504,966; 7,538,691; 7,528,742
; 8,068,037; 8,232,899; 8,242,935; 8,284,076; 8,368,562; 8,362,927; 8,564,459; 8,711,010; 8,531,317; 9,013,334; 9,019,130; 14/590,528; 14/592,199; 14/635,380.

Known Foreign Patents and Applications: None.

Known litigation in the United States filed by Eclipse IP or Electronic Communication Technologies LLC (login required).

Decision invalidating certain claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,064,681; 7,113,110; and 7,119,716 for failing to recite patentable subject matter under 35 U.S.C. § 101.

EFF articles and resources related to Eclipse IP/ Electronic Communication Technologies LLC:

Documentation of name change from Eclipse IP to Electronic Communication Technologies LLC.

Link to Eclipse IP, now Electronic Communication Technologies LLC, information at Trolling Effects.

This page was last updated on February 8, 2018.