If you have a user account on Reddit1, you can help EFF receive a big donation as part of their charity drive! Visit https://www.reddit.com/donate and vote for EFF on that page.

Our friends at reddit made a generous promise at the beginning of 2014: "Today we are announcing that we will donate 10% of our advertising revenue receipts in 2014 to non-profits chosen by the reddit community." They are making good on that promise by collecting votes until tomorrow, February 25, at 10am Pacific. The top 10 non-profits selected will receive more than $82,000 each! You can support digital rights in a big way by taking a few moments to vote for EFF. (Of course, you should also vote for other worthy public interest organizations!)

We're grateful to have seen EFF mentioned in several comments about the charity drive. Moreover, we're proud to have worked with the reddit community to take action against major threats to Internet freedom. The reddit community took a leading stand against Internet censorship and in opposition to the NSA's mass surveillance. Whenever we're working on an issue—whether it's DMCA reform, open access, or fighting for digital privacy—talking it over with the reddit community gives us an essential look into what people know and want to know about these crucial concerns.

For nearly 25 years, EFF has fought for digital rights like privacy, free expression, and innovation. Support from our members—and from user-driven communities like reddit—strengthens technology users' rights and funds litigation, activism, and technology development. Please vote for EFF!

  • 1. The user account must have been created before February 18, 2015.