Today, trade negotiators from 11 countries meet again to secretively draft the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). The TPP is a sprawling multinational trade agreement that includes expansive and unfair copyright provisions. If signed, the TPP will entrench these digital enforcement measures as a global standard, leading to harsh regulations that would be disastrous for Internet users worldwide.

EFF is on the ground in Lima, Peru for the 17th round of negotiations. As with all the previous TPP talks, the public is completely excluded from the process. We're here to educate and call attention to this secretive agreement until they make these negotiations transparent and democratic. As long as they continue to shut out digital rights groups, it will be impossible for them design pragmatic innovation policy that addresses our users' concerns.

As during the  ACTA negotiations, Hollywood and other Big Content industries have a stronghold over international policymakers. As a result, U.S. trade delegates are pushing forth provisions that, if enforced, would have huge chilling effects on everyone including innovators, hackers, makers, students, researchers, and people with reading and learning disabilities. These provisions are designed to limit how anyone can share and interact with digital content so they will impact everyone.

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What You Can Do

Take Action

Wherever you are, sign this letter to demand that USTR nominee Michael Froman usher in a new age of transparency as the next US Trade Representative.

If you’re in the U.S., take our action to send a message to your representative to demand an end to these secret backroom negotiations.

If you're in Peru, join Hiperderecho and tell the Peruvian president that our rights on the Internet are non-negotiable.

Spread the Word

This week, we launched a new tool to help you spread the word. It’s called “Why the Heck Should I Care About the TPP?” and it lays out some of the worst consequences that would result if this agreement were to pass.

Share our infographic about the TPP! We have versions in both English and Spanish.