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Party Photos: EFF's 22nd Birthday Bash

March 9, 2012

Party Photos: EFF's 22nd Birthday Bash

Coders, free speech advocates, game developers, and a host of others flocked to Mighty in San Francisco on March 8 for EFF’s 22nd birthday bash. It was a terrific reunion for a community united in the fight to keep the Internet free and open and to protect free speech and privacy rights in the digital realm. EFF would like to thank the Humble Bundle for helping to make the evening possible.

Live performances by Trash80, CrashFaster, and Dual Core drew partygoers onto the dance floor. A variety of creative tech outfits and organizations -- from Noisebridge, to Radical Designs, to MonkeyBrains, to Tor, to the Humble Bundle -- were represented in the crowd, and some who were in town for this week’s Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center joined in the fun, too.

Plenty of guests came decked out in their EFF garb, joining the ranks of those who made appearances on Twitter earlier that day for wearing their EFF swag to work.

Also in attendance at the EFF bash was local shutterbug Luke Thomas of the San Francisco blog Fog City Journal. Check out his photos below.

EFF would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our birthday party. Thanks to Trash80, CrashFaster, and Dual Core for keeping things lively. Thanks to Luke Thomas for shooting stellar photos. And Thanks to the Fogcutter food truck for serving up delicious California-style fare.

EFF staff attorney MC Hanni greets guests.

Dual Core



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