Defend the Global Network with EFFThreats to freedom are global, and EFF works internationally to defend your digital rights. Here are some things EFF achieved this year with the help of our global partners and supporters like you:

Protecting Freedom of Expression Worldwide EFF supported activists around the world as they used the Internet to organize democratic protests against authoritarian regimes. EFF ran a very successful campaign to expand the Tor network, providing much-needed bandwidth services and anonymity to those activists and all Internet users.

Fighting Against Copyright Abuse
 Consumer privacy, civil liberties, innovation, and the free flow of information on the Internet are all under attack by ill-conceived international intellectual property proposals. EFF released  Global Chokepoints, a website that documents attempts in key countries to turn Internet intermediaries into copyright police, to help Internet activists worldwide combat similar proposals in their own nations.

Securing Privacy Rights and Civil Liberties of Internet Users EFF is one of the strongest voices for Internet users’ rights at the OECD, the United Nations, the annual privacy commissioners' meeting and the Council of Europe. 
This year, we worked to secure privacy rights and civil liberties protections during the legislative implementation of the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Convention, and we fought proposals that would have compromised anonymity, free expression and association.

Ensuring Corporate Responsibility 
In the wake of news that American companies are involved in the sale of surveillance equipment to authoritarian regimes like Syria's, EFF ramped up our efforts to ensure that technology companies take human rights into account. EFF works with the Global Network Initiative and other organizations to encourage companies to resist pressure from international government censors and to advance freedom of expression in their products and services.

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Eva, Jillian, Katitza, and Maira
The EFF International Team

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