November 30, 2011 | By Rebecca Jeschke

Welcome to the Newest Member of the EFF Team, Ellie Young

EFF is proud to announce the newest member of our growing staff, Ellie Young.  Ellie may be familiar to many of you from her longtime work overseeing the operational and administrative functions of several San Francisco Bay Area not-for-profit organizations.  For the past 22 years, Ellie was the Executive Director of the USENIX Association, which puts on conferences that are essential to the community of computing engineers, sysadmins, academics and researchers.  Prior to that, Ellie worked at the University of California Press and at the Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley.  Ellie comes to EFF in the role of Special Assistant to Executive Director Shari Steele, and she will work on financial planning as well as on development and operational activities at EFF.

Ellie joins EFF at a critical time.  We’re working to transform our newly-purchased building at 2567 Mission Street in San Francisco into a permanent home for digital rights protection.  Renovations will include much-needed conference and collaborative areas, workspace for the EFF team, and improvements necessary to bring the aging building up to modern code.  We’re thrilled to have Ellie on our team as we move forward on this important project for EFF’s future.

Of course, EFF’s core work continues even as we wait to move into our new building.  We've been extraordinarily busy recently as we’ve worked to block the Internet blacklist legislation, to spread the word about international Internet censorship, and to make the Internet more safe and secure, among many other projects.  In just the last few months we’ve hired two new Activists, Parker Higgins and Trevor Timm, and International Outreach Coordinator Maira Sutton.  Our tech team has added Staff Technologist Dan Auerbach and Systems Administrator David Grant, and Mark Jaycox is our new Legal Intake Coordinator.  We are extremely proud of our entire team at EFF, and we look forward to expanding our working protecting digital civil liberties in the months and years to come.

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