Wolfire Games releases the Humble Indie Bundle 2 on Tuesday, with some of the proceeds benefiting EFF. Like the first bundle launched this spring, the Humble Indie Bundle 2 is a collection of independently produced, DRM-free, cross-platform computer games. It's also an innovative fundraiser, competition, and holiday gift package, which will be available only this week.

With the Humble Indie Bundle, you pay what you want for five festive games and choose to divide your money between the game developers, Child’s Play, and EFF. We will be offering complimentary EFF Memberships with our top-shelf swag to the first 60 people who donate $100 or more (divided any way you choose) for the bundle found at humblebundle.com.

Wolfire's first pay-what-you-want Humble Indie Bundle raised $1 million dollars in ten days, $180,000 of which customers earmarked for EFF. It's a great promotion, proving once again that consumers, given the right opportunities, can be trusted to support content they want—without having to be sued, surveilled, or censored into compliance. EFF continues to protect freedom and innovation in the gaming world, whether we are arguing for the right of gamers to speak anonymously, defending video games from unconstitutional censorship, or protecting your right to resell, modify, or copy the games you have purchased. EFF has also urged the United States Supreme Court to protect the free speech rights of videogame creators and users, throwing out unconstitutional restrictions on violent videogames. To find out more about our work related to video games, visit our latest issue page.

We at EFF would like to offer our thanks, once again, to Wolfire for including us in the Humble Indie Bundle 2, and we are very grateful to all of the game developers and their customers for their generosity and creativity. Now go get your bundle, and support indie game developers and a good cause too!