June 18, 2008 (All day)

Corynne McSherry will be on a panel at the 2nd Annual Summit on IP for Wireless Technology and New Media.

San Francisco, CA

Figuring Out the Law for Digital Media Distribution

Regarding digital music and media distribution, the law has not kept pace with the evolution of technology and business models. There is significant ambiguity in copyright law as it pertains to developing distribution models. As a result, attorneys focused in this area are incredibly challenged. This panel offers multiple perspectives from companies who struggle with this ambiguity, yet have created solutions to manage and protect the company as the rules continue to evolve. Specific highlights include:

- Analyzing the ambiguity in the law
- Assessing which rights need to be acquired, which are compulsory and which are protected under the DMCA or other safe harbors
- Dealing with the uncertainty relating to royalties and rights holders even after acknowledging that licenses are required
- Projecting the future of recorded music and legal implications