2018 marked the launch of EFF's new logo, nicknamed “Insider”—the first new logo we’ve had since EFF’s founding in 1990!

The logo is the result of approximately a year of development. In 2017, EFF received a generous offer of a pro bono logo and identity design from Pentagram, a major design firm fronted by an amazing designer named Michael Bierut. Bierut was inspired to make this offer by our work defending a blogger against bogus take-down orders. Having had only one logo for over 20 years, and knowing the excellent work that has made Pentagram a giant of the design world, we were more than thrilled.

This logo is actually a kind of logo system—it can be reconfigured in various ways. It can stack horizontally, vertically, into a neat “L” shape, and expand to include artwork and other text. For our small design team, it’s been a pleasure to work, and a huge improvement over the old logo. Check out this video to see the logo in action:

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We’d like to acknowledge the many voices among our supporters who responded to the new look. We heard feedback ranging from “great work!” to “I could have done that in my spare time.” We hope any critics will consider an interesting insight from Bierut about how logo identity really works:

They think they’re judging a diving competition, but actually all these organizations are in swimming competitions. It’s not what kind of splash you make when you hit the water. It’s how long you keep your head above that water.

EFF has a bold, straightforward vision for the future. We love the way this new logo reflects and serves that vision, and we are looking forward to the use of this identity for years to come. Join EFF and get a shirt with the new logo today!

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