Thanks to support from local advocates across the country, we’ve been able to have a few strong years for the right to repair. Both California and Minnesota’s right to repair laws go into effect today, and we've even made some headway convincing large companies, like Apple, to come out in support of the right to repair.

That’s why EFF is celebrating the right to repair movement on “Repair Independence Day.” And we’re keeping up the momentum with our newest member t-shirt, “Fix Copyright”:

Child and woman wearing grey "Fix Copyright" t-shirts in a forest.

Celebrate creativity as a whole family!

With this shirt design, we have our eyes set on pushing back against companies who threaten individuals' rights to repair the devices and equipment they own—specifically referencing the ongoing battle farmers are facing against John Deere to repair their tractors.

If you can’t fix it, you don’t own it. That’s why we’re working with local and national advocacy groups to get strong right to repair legislation passed across the country, and challenging copyright law to make ownership better for everyone.

Support our work and even grab a Fix Copyright t-shirt for yourself! This time, we even have a variety of kids sizes, so the whole family can celebrate creativity together.