EFF is representing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, challenging on First Amendment grounds the practice of Texas A&M University of automatically and manually blocking PETA and its supporters from posting comments on the university's official Facebook page, a forum that is otherwise open for public comments. In response to a campaign PETA has been leading against the university's dog lab, Texas A&M set key-word filters that prevented comments with words including "PETA," "lab," and "cruel" from posting to the page, and also manually deleted comments that expressed views critical of the dog lab. Silencing a critic in a forum like this is an illegal type of speech discrimination called viewpoint discrimination, and PETA is suing to stop this practice.

PETA successfully opposed Texas A&M's motion to dismiss, and after responding to the university's discover, EFF filed a motion for summary judgment. The motion is currently stayed while the parties attempt to settle the case.

EFF is representing PETA along with co-counsel PETA Foundation and Chris Rothfelder of Rothfelder & Falick, L.L.P.