Great news for EFF’s  Threat Lab: Craig Newmark Philanthropies has donated $300,000 to support its work to protect journalists, sources, and others against targeted malware attacks.

EFF identifies and tracks the rise of malware attacks, which primarily affect journalists and their sources globally. We have collaborated with groups like Citizen Lab and mobile security company Lookout to conduct these investigations, and the results of the research have helped the world understand this growing threat.

With the help of Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Threat Lab will continue to identify and track the complex web of groups who use malware against reporters and activists. Threat Lab will apply this information to educate the public and put pressure on the companies that build, sell, and license this spyware.

Threat Lab also creates and updates tools that EFF uses to educate and train journalists and others in digital security. Mobile devices, in particular, contain a wealth of data that could endanger reporters and their sources if certain security measures are not taken. This donation will help Threat Lab keep our Surveillance Self-Defense guide and our Security Education Companion accurate and up-to-date in the ever-changing digital landscape.

We are very grateful to Craig Newmark Philanthropies for this generous and important donation to EFF. Threat Lab’s work is key to protecting free and independent journalism, and we are proud to keep fighting for everyone’s digital security.