Paraguay's main telecommunications companies are:

  • Tigo: Tigo Paraguay is the commercial brand of Telefonica Celular del Paraguay S.A. (Telecel), the first Paraguayan mobile phone company, owned by Millicom International Cellular. Tigo Paraguay led the market in 2018 with 43.8% of the mobile share. Its parent company, Millicom, is a global telecommunications group based in Luxembourg that offers mobile service, voice, data, cable television, broadband, and financial services under the Tigo brand. It operates in Tanzania and in different Latin American countries, such as Bolivia and Colombia. In 2019, Telefónica sold to Millicom its subsidiaries in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua.  
  • Personal: The company Núcleo S.A. provides mobile services in Paraguay under the brand Personal. Núcleo is formed by two different companies: 32.5% pertains to ABC Comunicaciones, a Paraguayan group, and 67.5% is owned by Telecom Personal, Telecom group, conformed by W of Argentina—Inversions S.L. and TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) of the Telecom Italia group. In 2018, Personal reached 31.8% of the mobile market share, making it the second-largest in the country.
  • Claro: Claro Paraguay offers fixed and mobile telecommunications services, including pay TV.  It is a subsidiary of América Móvil, a major telecommunications group in Latin America, providing services also in U.S., Austria, and Eastern Europe. Claro operates in 17 countries, and has more than 290 million mobile phone customers. In Paraguay, the company ranked third in the mobile share, with 20,4% of the market, at the end of 2018.
  • Copaco/Vox: Compañía Paraguaya de Comunicaciones S.A. (Copaco) is a state company created in 2001 and it has both private and public shares. It provides IPTV and fixed telephony and broadband. The company's annual budget is provided by the state, and its president is appointed by presidential decree. In 2010, Copaco acquired Hola Paraguay S.A, which has provided mobile services under the brand Vox since 1999. Vox has finished 2018 with only 4% of the mobile market share.
  • Chaco Comunicaciones (Chaconet): Chaco Comunicaciones S.A. is a wireless and broadband Internet provider in Paraguay's Central Chaco. Its administrative headquarters is in Loma Plata and it covers important cities of the Central Chaco.