Argentina's main telecommunications companies are:

  • Cablevisión: Cablevisión is an Argentinean company, owned by Clarín Group, which provides Internet as well as the most extensive cable television services. In June 2018, the National Commission for the Defense of Competition approved the merger of Telecom Argentina and Cablevisión. Clarín Group already had control over the graphics press, radio, TV and cable, which now extends to telephony and Internet. The merger's goal is to provide quadruple play: the combination of fixed and mobile telephony, plus the Internet and TV.  60% of Cablevisión is in the hands of Clarín's principal shareholders. The remaining 40% belongs to Fintech, a fund owned by Mexican financier David Martinez, who is also the owner of 40% of Telecom Argentina. Cablevisión also provides services in Paraguay, and Uruguay. 
  • Telecom Argentina: Telecom Argentina is the major local telephone company for the northern part of Argentina, including the city of Buenos Aires. In 2016, Telecom Italia completed the sale of its stake in Telecom Argentina to the investment group Fintech Advisory, a firm that specializes in corporate and sovereign debt. Mexican financier David Martínez is Fintech’s founder and managing partner, who's also an associate of the multimedia conglomerate Clarín Group.  In June 2018, the National Commission for the Defense of Competition approved the merger of Telecom Argentina and Cablevisión.
  • Movistar (Telefónica): Telefónica Móviles Argentina is a subsidiary of the Spanish group Telefónica. The fixed telephony and Internet services operated under the same Movistar brand as those of cellular telephony since April 2018. Telefónica entered the Argentinian market since the privatization of the telephone services in 1990. Telefónica Movistar Argentina closed in 2017 with 4.1 million fixed telephony lines (-7.4%), 1.7 million Internet accesses (-9.7%) and 19.3 million mobile lines (-7.3%). Globally, Telefonica operates in more than 10 countries in Europe and Latin America.
  • Telecentro: TeleCentro S.A. is an Argentinian company that has operated since 1990. It provides cable television, digital fixed telephony, and Internet services. Telecentro has 525,000 subscribers of Cable TV, and 850,000 subscribers among its TV, Internet and telephony services.
  • DIRECTV: DIRECTV is one of the brands of Vrio Corp, which is a subsidiary of AT&T. Acquired by AT&T in 2015, Vrio Corp controls the group's operations in Latin America. It operates in 10 countries in the region, namely Argentina, Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Curaçao, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Vrio is a leading digital entertainment services company in the region, which also operates in Brazil under the SKY brand.
  • IPLAN: IPLAN is an Argentinian company that provides broadband and IP telephony services. It operates in the main cities of the country.