Gather ‘Round the Laptop for Tales of Digital Rights and Derring-Do!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is celebrating its 34th anniversary with a miniseries of campfire tales from our friends, The Encryptids—the rarely-seen creatures who’ve become digital rights legends. They've come out of the woodwork to celebrate the virtues of a web that supports online privacy, free expression, and digital access for everyone. The Encryptids may be mysterious, but your digital rights shouldn’t be.

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Be on the lookout for new guest posts from The Encryptids below!

Bigfoot with sunglasses saying "Privacy is a human right."

"Privacy isn't about hiding; it's about revealing what you want to who you want on your terms. It's your basic right to dignity." - Bigfoot de la Sasquatch (read more...)


Jackalope saying "Interoperability makes good things great!"

"The connected world must not be a darker reflection of this one we already know." - M. Jackalope (read more...)


Banshee in pink floating in a forest saying "Free as in speech!

"For all the sewage that people spew online, we must fight back with better ideas and a brighter vision for the future." - Banshee (read more...)


Werewolf with blue pants saying "Be the change you want to see!"

"This is the internet at its best: a place to be creative, learn without fear, and explore the different aspects of our identities freely." - Wolfgang Von Lycanz (read more...)


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