August 10, 2021 - 5:00pm PDT

EFF Austin, a local organization in the Electronic Frontier Alliance, (not EFF) will host this event:

Top 10 Things IT Needs to Know About OT

From the Organizers:

Operational Technology (OT) refers to systems used to monitor events, processes, and devices, and to make adjustments in industrial operations. As these systems and networks converge with enterprise IT, it’s imperative that IT personnel understand the business, cultural, and technical drivers that make OT different. This talk will focus on some of these differences.

Who Should Attend: This presentation will benefit those working in IT roles at organizations that have OT systems, as well as those interested in the convergence of enterprise IT and OT networks and systems.




Tuesday, August 10
7 pm - 9 pm CT


Online (via Zoom)

This event is organized not by EFF, but by EFF Austin, a grassroots group participating in the Electronic Frontier Alliance. The EFA is a network of grassroots organizations across the country committed to promoting digital rights. Together, we're building a movement to promote freedom of expression, privacy, security, creativity, and access to knowledge.