February 23, 2016 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm PST
La Jolla, California

Privacy and security support for image data is becoming steadily more important seen the fact that image collections are increasingly more stored in distributed and cloud repositories rather than in private repositories. Moreover, social media and online photo repositories, for example, are currently offering insufficient means to secure privacy-sensitive information carried by the picture or to signal associated IPR metadata.

However there are civil liberties concerns associated with proposals to add digital cryptographic capabilities to the JPEG image format. EFF is attending the meeting to express these concerns. In particular we will be pointing out how we can add support to improve privacy of JPEG data, but without falling into the trap of enabling DRM-style content restrictions. Privacy and content-restriction have a lot of overlap - both use crypto to distribute files safely and deploy a key-management system to ensure that only the right person decrypts them. But the law makes a sharp distinction between the two. We will explain our vision for how JPEG can implement security, securely.