June 21, 2022 - 11:00am PDT

Veridiana Alimonti will be speaking on a panel on Digital Authoritarianism in Latin America hosted by  Comun.al . The panel is part of a series of activities in relation to the release of the report Digital Violence in Mexico: The State vs Civil Society - an anthology about the landscape of weaponized technologies and digital policing in Mexico.

Learn more about the agenda:

  • Digital Siege and Surveillance (Martha Tudón, Artículo 19) What are the impacts of digital violence on freedom of expression in Mexico?
  • Personal Data and Privacy (Gaspar Pisanu, Access Now) What is digital authoritarianism and what is its impact on privacy?
  • Criminalization through technologies (Veridiana Alimonti, EFF) What are the risks of cross-border surveillance - in the context of "cybercrime" - for human rights?

 The panel will be in Spanish.