August 11, 2023 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm PDT
DEF CON 31 - Track 3 Forum

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is thrilled to return to DEF CON 31 to answer your burning questions on pressing digital rights issues. Our panelists will provide updates on current EFF work, including the fight against government surveillance and protecting creative expression, before turning it over to attendees to pose questions and receive insights from our panelists on the intersection of technology and civil liberties. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from policy experts and engage in a lively discussion rooted in the problems you face.

This year you’ll meet: Corynne McSherry, EFF's Legal Director specializing in intellectual property and free speech; Hannah Zhao, staff attorney focusing on criminal justice and privacy issues; Mario Trijillo, staff attorney with an expertise in privacy law; Rory Mir, Associate Director of Community Organizing; and Cooper Quintin, security researcher and public interest technologist with the EFF Threat Lab.