The best legal minds in the Bay Area gathered to participate in EFF's 9th Annual Cyberlaw Trivia Night on June 16. Over 100 friends from 20 technology law firms and Internet companies attended, making for a rousing night vying for the coveted Cyberlaw Quiz Cup. EFF's staff joined forces to craft questions, pulling details from the rich canon of privacy, free speech, and intellectual property law, creating seven rounds about privacy and speech, encryption case law, fair use in music, and more.

Competition was fierce this year, with the top four teams separated by just one point. The tiebreaker round involved very challenging questions, including one about a court decision published just hours earlier, in Capitol Records v. Vimeo.

With 50 points out of a possible 56, our winning team this year was “By Reading This Team Name You Agree to Arbitration,” made up of counsel from Durie Tangri and friends. They were followed by newcomer Pinterest ("Pinter is Coming") in a close second place finish. The combined Covington & Burling / UC Berkeley team took third place in a real photo finish, overtaking high scorers the Ridder, Costa, & Johnstone LLP team (“102(b) or not 102(b), that is the question”) in the tiebreaker round.

EFF's summer legal interns, calling themselves "The DMCA Took My Baby Away," made a strong showing just 2½ points behind the winning score.

Please join us in congratulating this year's trivia masterminds:

1st Place:

“By Reading This Team Name You Agree to Arbitration,” Durie Tangri and friends

Trivia 2016 First Place Winners

2nd Place:

“Pinter is Coming” Pinterest

Trivia 2016 Second Place Winners

3rd Place:

Covington & Burling LLP, and UC Berkeley

Trivia 2016 Third Place Winners

EFF hosts the Cyberlaw Trivia Night to gather those in the legal community who help protect online freedom in the courts. Among the many firms that continue to dedicate their time, talent, and resources to the cause, we would especially like to thank Durie Tangri; Keker & Van Nest, LLP; and Ridder, Costa & Johnstone LLP for sponsoring this year’s Bay Area event.

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