The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) closes on January 15, 2024! U.S. federal employees and retirees can make a pledge to help support EFF’s lawyers, activists, and technologists fight for user rights online.

If you’re a U.S. federal employee or retiree, giving to EFF through the CFC is easy! Just head over to and use our ID 10437. Once there, click DONATE to give via payroll deduction, credit/debit, or an e-check. If you have a renewing pledge, you can increase your support as well! Scan the QR code to easily make a pledge or go to!

Last year, 175 members of the CFC community raised over $34,000 for EFF's initiatives fighting for free expression and privacy online. But, in a year with many threats popping up to our digital rights, we need your support now more than ever.

With support from those who pledged through the CFC last year, EFF has:

  • Made great strides in passing protections for the right to repair your tech, with the combined strength of innovation advocates around the country.
  • Launched our Red Flag Machine, a quiz that illustrates the inaccuracies of student monitoring tools and the surveillance many students face.
  • Exposed the sketchy malware that comes pre-installed on many low-budget tablets purchased from vendors like Amazon.
  • Pushed California to limit law enforcement’s over-sharing of license plate reader data with out-of-state and federal agencies.
  • Authored Privacy First, EFF’s guide to a comprehensive data privacy law, which would fix many of the underlying issues of today’s internet.

Federal employees and retirees have a tremendous impact on the shape of our democracy and the future of civil liberties and human rights online. Support EFF’s work by using our CFC ID 10437 when you make a pledge today!