EFF, Tony Arcieri, Justin Culbertson, Whitney Merrill, and Peter Teoh are excited to announce that we’ll be bringing the Crypto & Privacy Village to the Tribeca Film Festival. The Crypto & Privacy Village is a place to pick up tips and tricks about computer security and privacy and learn about encryption, and we’re excited to bring that experience to the international film community. DEF CON and the Tribeca Film Festival will be hosting the Village April 23 to 25 at Spring Studios. We hope you'll catch us there!

Our appearance at Tribeca builds on a successful inaugural Crypto & Privacy Village at last year's DEF CON 22. The first ever Crypto & Privacy Village included a wide array of events and resources, including talks by security professionals and guides on how to secure devices. It also provided a place to hang out, talk crypto, or just play some games and puzzles. 

Taking the Village to the Tribeca Film Festival will bring a fun, interactive, and in-depth discussion of privacy and cryptography—the science of securing communications—to a whole new audience. The Village at Tribeca will be housed on the sixth floor of Spring Studios. The studios are intended to be the central hub for Tribeca attendees and will have various talks, shows, and exhibits. The Village will offer attendees talks on important computer security topics, hands on activities, and practical tips and tricks for better security. It will also feature art, puzzles, how-to guides, and some of our favorite movie clips about hacking.

The Crypto & Privacy Village at Tribeca is especially exciting because it signals the growing understanding that everyone should be concerned about computer security and privacy—including filmmakers and film lovers.  That’s not accidental. After all, digital security was essential to the making of Laura Poitras's Academy award winning documentary CITIZENFOUR.

We'll be joined by DEF CON Village veterans the Lockpick Village, Tamper Evident Village, and the Hardware Hacking Village. We’re excited to bring a part of DEF CON—and better computer security—to Tribeca. 

Get ready!