Dear smartphone users: great news. We’re launching our first-ever EFF mobile app. This app will tell you when there are breaking issues related to digital rights that need your help. You'll get a quick notification and be able to one-click connect to the EFF action center to speak out and help us fight for freedom online.

Install on Android
Install on Android

Right now, the app is an alert system designed to tell you when we have new campaigns. So most of the time it will connect you to the EFF action center. To make it simple to take action, you can also set up a login and password on the EFF action center. Note that you can download the EFF phone app regardless of your country or location.

The app is very simple for now because we want to gauge the EFF community’s interest before we invest a lot of time into building out additional features. If there are things you’d really like to see in future versions of the app, please email your ideas to

We’re only releasing an Android version of the app today. After rigorous review of Apple’s Developer Agreement and DRM policies, we decided we couldn’t stomach them. Read more about our concerns. We think that’s a real pity—iPhone users have just as much a right to the EFF mobile app as anyone else.

We’re inaugurating our new mobile app with a suitable campaign: a petition calling on Apple to change its Developer Agreement to respect the privacy and innovation rights of developers. Add your signature today to stand up for free speech and oppose DRM.

As always, the EFF action center and website are still accessible through all mobile browsers, so you can sign on even if you are using an iPhone.

Our mobile app is built on free software. If you like the functionality, you can check out the code, contribute new features, or fork the code on Github and create your own app. We've also released the source code for the push server which delivers notifications to subscribers.

Download the EFF Mobile App today.

Sign our petition: Apple, Your Developer Agreement Tramples on Free Speech & Innovation.


Special thanks to Leah Jones and Sina Khanifar for creating this first version of the EFF mobile app.

Don't use the Google Play store? Download the APK directly from Please note, if you download the APK directly, you will not automatically receive updates to the app.