It's that time again!  South by Southwest has launched their Panel Picker, inviting the Internet community to help select the panels that will be featured at the next festival.  There are quite a few panels this year featuring EFF staff and friends.  We've highlighted a few of them below.  Check them out and vote them up if you want to see them in Austin!

  • Our Director of International Freedom of Expression Jillian York and Jennifer Lynch team up with academics from the University of Texas and the University of Georgia to talk about "CryptoWars Deja Vu." This panel looks at the new wave of export controls on communications tools and what tech companies can do to ensure that people world wide can have access to technology that protects their rights.
  • In "Drones Gone Wild," EFF Activists Trevor Timm and Parker Higgins will be joined by Ryan Calo from the University of Washington Law School and Nabiha Syed from the New York Times to talk about the future of drones and privacy.
  • Senior Staff Attorney Marcia Hofmann is proposing a solo talk on "Legal Bootcamp for Mobile Developers." She'll cover jailbreaking, reverse engineering, storing user information, and intercepting communications. If you're in the mobile development space, this stuff is vital to know.
  • Activist Adi Kamdar is teaming up with Parker Phinney of Sneakpeeq to provide a master class on the amazing art of improv and how it can help with creativity and team building.

In addition, our friends at Public Knowledge have quite a few panels for you to pick from this year, including one of "Lulzmaking as Activist," exploring online political parodied; "Music on the Campaign Trail"; and a panel devoted to looking at the impact of the proposed merger between Universal Music Group and EMI.

The ACLU has a whole page devoted to their proposed panels, which you can (and should!) check out.

Finally there are a bunch of great-looking panels this year which promise to examine the growing role of the internet and entrepreneurship in political activism, especially "Disrupt DC! Defining the Politics of the Internet" and "Tech Advocacy and the New Congress".

Happy voting, and see you in Austin!