October 12, 2007 | By elly jonez

EFF Website Overhaul!

As you may have noticed if you're hitting the site directly, rather than our RSS feeds, we've just launched a full site redesign and restructure. It's been a long time coming, and we're way excited about it!

We’ve made some design and navigational changes that should be immediately apparent. But by far the biggest change for eff.org is that we're now running on the open source content management system Drupal. Migrating into a CMS was a hefty challenge, as our website is almost as old as our organization, and has thousands of pages and files. But we did it, and the end result of this herculean data massage should be that we're able to get more information up on our website, and to you, more quickly.

This project was a major undertaking for EFF, and we have some much-deserved Thank Yous to hand out:

  • Big thanks to all the people who work on Drupal, it's a great open source CMS and provides an excellent content management solution to many nonprofit & grassroots websites. And extra special thanks to the helpers on Drupal IRC, who handled quite a few eff.org related questions.
  • About halfway through the migration project, we were graced with the tech chops of Tim Jones, who ended up writing a bunch of custom Drupal modules for us and generally making this whole thing come together. Without his extensive help there's no way we would have gotten the site out the door, and he proved so invaluable that as of November he’ll be at EFF fulltime.
  • Huge thanks to EFF ally Matt Earp, who handled a lot of the messier parts of content migration over the summer.
  • Finally, thanks to EFF staff and associates, who helped along the way by answering questions, sifting through piles of site content, offering input, and being incredibly patient.

One of our main goals with this site migration was to make eff.org more usable and organized, and we hope you like it! We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Email us about the new site by emailing newsite@eff.org.

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