Retailer Tries to Censor "Photoshop Disaster" Advertisement

In September 2009, "Photoshop Disasters" -- a blog covering egregious photo editing missteps -- published a photo of a Polo Ralph Lauren ad in which the model's body was grotesquely smaller than her head. Internet culture blog Boing Boing noticed the oddity and reposted the picture, with some additional commentary. The company sent a DMCA threat to Boing Boing's web host as well as Photoshop Disaster's ISP, demanding that the image be removed. Photoshop Disaster's ISP apparently took the image down, but Boing Boing's web host forwarded the threat to Boing Boing staff, which recognized the baseless attempt at censorship and asserted its fair use rights in its response.

Original Title of Threatened Content: 
Ralph Lauren opens new outlet store in the Uncanny Valley
September 30, 2009