AIDS Denialists Target Debunking Documentary

There’s a community of AIDS denialists trying to convince the world that the medical science behind, and treatment for, HIV/AIDS is all wrong. What is worse, they are trying to convince HIV positive people not to take life-saving medications. One of their principal propaganda tools is the movie “House of Numbers” in which a young Canadian named Brent Leung purports to investigate the science behind AIDS. Video blogger Myles Power (not his real name) created a series of videos of his own, debunking the “facts” and testimony discussed in House of Numbers. Movie backers Knowledge Matters LLC and Martin Penny promptly filed several DMCA notices targeting the videos, because Powers included clips from the movie in order to critique it. Powers could, of course, counter-notice, but understandably hesitated to do so, fearful of retaliation. With EFF’s help, Power has now challenged the takedowns—but they should never have happened in the first place.

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Original Title of Threatened Content: 
Myles Power Debunking House of Numbers
February 9, 2014