Twin Horror: Filmmakers The Soska Sisters Suspended Twice From Twitter

Jen and Sylvia Soska are identical twin filmmakers known as The Soska Sisters. The sisters specialize in horror and have a cult following, with more than 50,000 fans on Twitter. But in July 2019, they faced a horror of their own: Their Twitter account was suspended right after they released the trailer for their upcoming film, a remake of 1977's "Rabid."

Stills from the film were featured on the cover of two magazines but were too much for Twitter's moderators, who suspended the account for containing too much "gore, violence, and hate," according to a post made by the sisters on Instagram. After their fans protested, the account was reinstated but was then suspended a second time shortly thereafter. 

The account has now been reinstated. The sisters posted:

WE ARE BACK!! Thank you, once again, to the people who supported us during our two unfair & damaging suspensions right as the trailer dropped. Looks like we’ve won that technological warfare, but remember that smaller films are also being silenced in the same way!

Original Title of Threatened Content: 
July 2019
A screenshot of the message that The Soska Sisters received from Twitter upon the reinstatement of their account