Third Time's the Charm: Historian's Content Repeatedly Deleted, Finally Restored

Dan Arrows runs a YouTube channel called Three Arrows, known for publishing rebuttals to conservative arguments and investigating current hot topics through an historical lens. A year ago, he posted a video—entitled "Jordan Peterson Doesn't Understand Nazism"—in response to a talk by the controversial Canadian academic in which he makes spurious arguments about Adolf Hitler's motivations (most notably that the goal of the Nazis was simply to "create mayhem".)

Arrows' video pulls no punches, extensively citing historians and utilizing quotes from Nazi figures to debunk Peterson's talk. The video is clearly intended to be educational—and yet, more than six months after the video was posted (and monetized), YouTube removed it, citing the company's policies on hate speech. He was also given a strike on his account.

Although Arrows was able to get the video restored and the strike removed, his entire channel was shortly thereafter deleted then restored, followed by his entire account. YouTube commented publicly on the initial removal of the video, stating that it was an "incorrect takedown." Arrows confirmed to us that as of today, his account and all of his videos are intact, and there are no longer any strikes against his account.

Original Title of Threatened Content: 
Jordan Peterson Doesn't Understand Nazism
July 2019