Colombia's main telecommunications companies are:

  • Claro Colombia: Owned by the Mexican group América Móvil, a major telecommunications group in Latin America, providing services also in U.S., Austria, and Eastern Europe. Claro Colombia was created in 2012 from the merger of Comcel, previously Colombia's largest mobile phone operator, and the smaller Telmex, also owned by América Móvil. It represents 46.08% of the Colombian mobile phone market. Globally, Claro operates in 17 countries, and has more than 290 million mobile phone customers.  
  • Movistar (Telefónica): Telefónica has operated in Colombia since 2004, and under the Movistar brand since 2011. It began operating in the mobile market after the acquisition of Bellsouth’ Colombian cellular operation. Movistar Colombia was the result of the subsequent merger between Telecom Colombia and Movistar Colombia in 2012.  In 2018, Movistar Colombia had a customer base of 19.1 million throughout the country, with 15.7 million mobile lines, 1.2 million broadband customers, 548 thousand digital satellite TV subscribers and 1.6 million fixed lines in service.  In 2018, Movistar Colombia announced that it had acquired two regional subsidiaries of Metrotel in Barranquilla and Telebucaramanga in Bucaramanga. Metrotel accounts for around 283,000 customers, while Telebucaramanga presides over a user base of 328,000. Globally, Telefónica operates in more than 10 countries in Europe and Latin America, where it concentrates most of its growth strategy. 
  • Telecommunications Company of Bogotá - ETB: Founded in 1884 under the name Compañía Colombiana de Teléfonos. ETB is mixed public/private operation whose majority shareholder is the Capital District of Bogotá, which owns 86.36% of the shares. Private investors have 11.6% share; other public shareholders constitute the remaining 2% share of the company.
  • DIRECTV: One of the brands of Vrio Corp and a subsidiary of AT&T since 2015. It operates in 10 countries in South America and the Caribbean. Vrio is an entertainment services company in the region, and also operates in Brazil under the SKY brand. In total, Vrio has approximately 13.6M subscribers in 11 countries.
  • TIGO-UNE: Created through the 2014 merger of Luxembourg-based group Millicom International Cellular (MIC)’s Colombian mobile unit TIGO-Colombia and fixed line operator UNE’s parent Empresas Publicas de Medellin (UNE-EPM). In Colombia, TIGO-UNE is the third biggest market player in mobile, second in broadband and second in PayTV. Millicom is a global telecommunications group that offers mobile service, voice, data, cable television, broadband and finance services under the Tigo brand in Tanzania and in different Latin American countries, such as Bolivia and Colombia. In 2019, Telefónica sold to Millicom its subsidiaries in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua.
  • Empresas Municipales de Cali - EMCALI: A state-owned company providing telecommunications services in Cali, Colombia.